• Quotes will be given FOR work upon request
  • Quotes will be submitted in writing
  • Quotes without expiry dates (of 30 days) will not be presented to any customer under any circumstances
  • Quotes will have a 30 day expiry date
  • If the 30 day expiry date has been reached you will be required to ask for the work listed in the quote to be requoted.

Any information gained will not be sold or distributed to any company in any way shape or form by any member of the team.



Payments are to be made immediately after completion of the work unless an account has been arranged. Accounts can be arranged by contacting the company and submitting a credit application form.

At least two references will be requested if you wish to run an account. Interest will be charged if payment is not paid by the due date stated on the account. All payments will be receipted and statements showing balances will be sent out monthly.