So that you have the correct information to set up internet banking facilities which we have arranged for your convenience, please email us and in the subject line put account details and we will provide the appropriate account number/information your bank will require from you for your payment to be forwarded to us. In the payment details we will ask that you put your customer number and your name and then we can update our records accordingly.

  • Payments will be accepted in cash with receipts given for all payments
  • Cheques will be accepted however the following will apply
    • If the cheque bounces all recovery of the amount of the cheque plus 10% interest added immediately will be charged to the bearer of the cheque
    • All cheques will be cleared immediately and confirmation of the clearance forwarded to the bearer
  • All cheques will be receipted
  • Online payments


All customer information will be kept confidential and deleted at the completion of the job. No customer information will be sold or distributed in any way for use or distribution by any other company in any way shape or form. Corner Enterprises Ltd will adhere to the privacy act in full and any other legal legislation in accordance with New Zealand law.