On Delivery Charges
Our delivery charges can be learnt about by giving us a call. The team at Corner Enterprises Ltd are waiting to answer your call and give you as much information as we possibly can. There are two parts to the price that you will be given:

  • the price of the wood or coal
  • the price of the delivery.

This will be given as a combined total per metre/ton or part there of.

There is a minimum of ONE metre of wood but no maximum. You can have as much as your shed or the space where you store your wood/coal will take.


How Long Till I Can Take Delivery Of My Wood?
When we deliver your wood we do like to know that you are home or someone is there. This is so that you can see how much wood there is and so that we put it in the right place, we don't want to block your drive way. It is also for security that this is done.

When you call us if you are able to tell us when you would like it, same day sometimes can be difficult but we will make sure that you are well looked after. Whilst its dry its not a bad idea to drop us a note and fit in a load or two so that you start the winter with dry wood. If you require more than TWO metres then there is a 48 hour delivery time on this due to having to use bigger vehicles and availability of these, we ask that you work with us and you won't be disappointed.


How Can I Pay?
You can use the following methods of payment:

  • Internet banking (06-0939-0138977-00)
  • Telephone banking
  • Cheque (by prior arrangement only)
  • Cash.

We have had to make some changes to our deliveries and the way they work. So far, there hasn't been any trouble and we know there won't be but so that everybody is kept safe we will be introducing signatures for deliveries. You are aware that you've have been giving us $ amounts for your deliveries however we haven't any record that you received the goods. We are aiming for 1 August to have this in place and any deliveries after this date must be signed for by the receiver of the product to ensure safety for all.


Bulk Coal
We bring bulk Kai Point Coal to you direct from the screens in Kaitangata.

  • house-hold
  • peas
  • nuts.
We can deliver it all.